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David Cobb

David Cobb

Azure Coach

I'm David Cobb, I have been teaching folks I.T. since 2002, and teaching Azure since 2020 as a Freelance Microsoft Certified Trainer.I have a passion for learning cloud and teaching others, to help them achieve their goals in cloud I.T.

What Students Say

Student Feedback

- I loved David's enthusiasm - he's super knowledgeable about Azure and it shows.- Enthusiastic, positive, a wealth of knowledge- David was great! He's a very passionate instructor and aims to provide great Azure training.- David was a terrific instructor. The best parts of the course were unscripted parts where we discussed specific real world examples or topics tangentially related to the course (providing greater context to the material).- I asked as much as I wanted and got to work on custom labs with the instructor side by side.- The instructor is very knowledgeable, very personable, and has an infectious love for teaching this content. I plan to take several more of these classes, I hope he is teaching them.- David did an exceptional job with instructing the class and making things understandable.- David is a great instructor - very knowledgeable and helpful!- The instructor was great. He is a wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to having him as an instructor in future classes.

- Azure Certification Training
- Team Mentoring
- Capstone MVP Azure Project

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